Frequently asked questions

Yes, with a scheduled appointment through the contact form.

People live and work on the property all day.

 No, for the purchase of a property, a valid passport is sufficient.  Information about the permanent residency permit is under title.

The lots are reserved for you for a period of time from the purchase commitment to the signing of the contract. This is usually a short period, for example 4-8 weeks.

Yes, construction should begin within one year after the signing of the contract.

Lots No. 62-92 can only be used for buildings designed by Architect Gernot Minke. In the lots No. 01-61 there is a limited freedom of design, that is, buildings must have only one floor and be based on a traditional style. Buildings with rectangular concrete or glass facades are not desired.

In Paraguay, a lot of work is done manually and noisy machines are rarely used.

That is not the goal; we cater to an international clientele.