Welcome To Valle Tucán

The Unique Residental Estate In Paraguay

Become the owner of one of 92 plots including a unique house, exclusively designed by the German architect Dr.-Ing. Gernot Minke.


Valle Tucán lies just outside of Asunción, embedded in a beautiful subtropical landscape. The settlement belongs to Emboscada, a small town with almost 20,000 inhabitants, which is located on the northern foothills of the Cordillera de los Altos.

Residental Estate

The 24 hectare property is divided into 92 plots, which are offered for sale with areas from 600 m² to 3,400 m². The plots are fully developed with roads, drinking water and electricity. 

Sustainable architecture

The usual seasonal temperature extremes in Paraguay are between 10 and 40° Celsius. Gernot Minke compensates for these through constructive measures and creates a comfortable living climate utilizing solid walls and vaulted roofs, made of handmade earth blocks, which provide excellent thermal and acoustical isolation.


Jörg Janisch is responsible for local construction management and project control in Valle Tucán. He is the founder of the engineering company Janisch & Schulz mbH, which has its headquarters in Münzenberg-Gambach, Germany. The company has been working in the field of wastewater treatment, water purification and the planning of natural pools and swimming ponds since 1993. Since 2011 the company is represented in Paraguay and from where all projects in South and Central America are managed.

In 2008, we had the first contact with the architect Gernot Minke. The professor from Kassel, Germany is an international expert of sustainable building and bioclimatic design, with more than 40 years of experience.
His manual “Building with Earth” is the standard handbook and has been published in 11 languages. We are extremely grateful that we could win Gernot Minke for a cooperation.

In 2012 we started the construction of our office in “Valle Tucán”. Since our profession, namely the construction of constructed wetlands, required most of our time during this period, the construction work on the site was going on slowly. The first three buildings were therefore constructed one after the other, which gave us time to test different construction techniques adapted to the local climate and to train local craftsmen and construction workers. We succeeded in establishing a close and trusting working relationship with the local workers. Only by showing mutual respect we can live and work here in a relaxed atmosphere.

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