Residential estate

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Of the 92 plots, 90 plots with sizes from 600 m² to 3,400 m² are offered for sale. With the purchase, each buyer receives a notarized land title. The “Reglamento de Copropiedad”, a community order under Paraguayan law, forms the framework for neighbourly living. The plots are completely developed with roads, drinking water and electricity. Connection to the internet is possible via mobile phone providers or a fiber optic cable. An empty conduit for connection to the fiber optic network is installed in each building. Wastewater treatment is carried out on each individual plot via a constructed wetland.
We sell the plots of land only with a construction contract or with an already existing building. For the development of the 1st construction area, we only offer houses designed by the architect Gernot Minke.

At the beginning of 2021, work will begin on the 2nd construction phase. The plots 01 – 61 can be reserved by a deposit of 24% of the purchase price. The remaining payment will be made upon notarial transfer of title. Parallel to the land purchase contract, a construction contract will be concluded, which will include the dates of commencement and handover.

The purchase price for a developed property amounts to 140,000 Gs./ m² (approx. 17 €  / 20 $)

You can find more information about the purchase of a plot of land, here.


Drinking water

The groundwater in the region is of excellent quality, but is located deep in the sandstone base of the Cordillera. In Valle Tucán, drinking water is supplied by its own well. The borehole was drilled 110 m and lined with a gravel-coated filter pipe. The well pump delivers the drinking water into an earth-covered elevated tank and from there it is distributed to the individual buildings. To maintain a water pressure of approx. 2 bar in the entire district, a pressure increase is interposed. Each accommodation unit has a water meter, billing is based on water consumption.

Wastewater treatment

The good quality of the groundwater should be maintained in the long run. We therefore emphasize the importance of wastewater treatment and ensure a treatment that goes beyond the Paraguayan requirements.

Decentralized, near to nature sewage systems from the engineering company Janisch & Schulz mbH are used for this purpose. As a rule, a constructed wetland will be installed on each plot of land.

The plants consist of a multi-chamber settling pit and a planted soil filter of 8 to 12 m². Depending on the topography, the plant is fed either by gravity or by a small pump. The plants are integrated into the outdoor facility and are not perceived as a sewage treatment plant at first glance. The soil filter is planted with attractive local vegetation. The surface is dry, the plants are accessible and odorless.

The treated wastewater can be used for irrigation purposes or can be percolated through a percolation path planted with bananas. Wastewater fees or other contributions are not incurred in the case of decentralized wastewater treatment.

Electricity and Internet

The power supply up to the high-voltage transformers is provided by ANDE, the state energy supplier. From the transformer we run the lines underground to the individual plots of land. The meter is, as it is common in all of Paraguay, installed in a meter cabinet at the property line, so that nobody has to enter the private property to read it.

In 2019, the state telecommunications service provider COPACO laid a fiber optic cable in Valle Tucán. Every owner has the option of having COPACO lay the cable right into the building. The empty conduits for this are available. The owner must place an order with COPACO. Various mobile phone providers such as TIGO, Personal and Claro offer internet access via their 4G network.


The service currently offered is limited due to the still small number of inhabitants, but will be expanded as more residents move in. The decisions for this will be made in the owners’ meetings. The current fees can be found in our price list.

Waste collection

If the only municipal garbage truck is not in the process of being repaired, it always comes on Mondays to pick up the garbage. The garbage fee must be paid by the owner or tenant directly to the municipality.


Access to the site is only possible via a portal equipped with an automatic sliding gate. Every resident will receive a remote control for easy access. The questions of how we will occupy the portal in the future and whether a night watchman will be employed are questions that will be decided during the owners’ meetings. The infrastructures are already in place and will be activated as soon it is wished. At the moment, however, we do not have the need.

Green area and road maintenance

Due to the high temperatures and the sometimes heavy rainfall, plants can grows very quickly and if not kept, would take over every corner in no time. Therefore, we have a team that keeps the streets and the green areas clean and short, depending on the need. Also mosquitoes, which are hiding in the high grass, are pushed back in this way. The costs arising are apportioned to the residents. The maintenance of the own property is also possible on demand.

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Maintenance work on the house

For any other work, such as plumbing, woodwork and electrical work, which may be required in the course of time, we can either provide our own personnel or arrange for trustworthy companies.

Living for senior citizens

A self-determined retirement under dignified conditions, at affordable prices. Who wouldn’t want that? It is slowly dawning on many people that the terms “nursing shortage” and “poverty in old age” will not only be more present in our society in the future, but that these terms may likely apply to themselves.

One way to avoid this is by going abroad, not in Spain or Italy but much further south, where monthly salaries of 400,- US$ are the reality, as they are here in Paraguay.

For this reason, we consider this subject in the planning for further expansion and try to integrate it into the Valle Tucán concept. We are inspired by Hartmut Vogel, who was the director of the Fundación Villa Champaqui in Villa General Belgrano, Argentina for many years. The senior citizens of the Fundación live in their own houses. They make use of the extensive services, such as the 24-hour emergency service, laundry and shopping service, home and garden help, driving service, leisure and sports activities, as well as home and in-patient care for the elderly.

We are currently not able to offer such services, but this topic plays an important role in our plans for the future development of Valle Tucán.

Our neighbours

In 2018 a housing estate with 240 small houses, a school and a community building were completed in our neighbourhood. The project was financed by the bi-state hydroelectric power plant Yacyretá and Senavitat (Secretaria Nacional de la Vivienda y el Hábitat). The driving force behind the project was our late mayor Jacinto Raul Peña Silva. The houses were given at very favourable conditions exclusively to “Solteras”, i.e. single women, usually single mothers. The fact that the women are proud of their property can be seen in the fact that the residential area is very tidy for Paraguayan standards. Within a short period of time the locals established small corner stores, a hairdresser’s shop, a copy shop and similar small businesses.

Even before the construction of the settlement, we had already erected a 1.50 m high wire mesh fence along the property line, accompanied by a natural screen that has been growing ever since and is slowly but surely fulfilling its function.